Patient Transfer Systems in Minnesota

Patient Transfer System: Move Your Loved Ones Easier and Safer

Patient Transfer Systems Minnesota

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Ceiling track patient lifters Handle the heavy lifts, minimizing the risk of back injuries, saving space, and ensuring the optimum comfort and safety for the user and care giver. A “Ceiling Lift” from Premier Lift Products, Inc. will allow easier, safer transfers for both the client and care giver.

“Ceiling lifts” are much more stable and compact than “mobile hoists” which some people refer to as a “Hoyer” lift.  Referring to mobile hoists as a Hoyer is like calling “facial Tissue” by the name “Kleenex” – It’s a brand name, not a product description. 

As the name indicates, “Ceiling lifts” are mounted on or near the ceiling by anchoring to the wall or building support structure above the ceiling. This keeps the equipment out of the way, leaving valuable floor space available for other uses.

Ceiling-Mounted Lift System

The “ceiling lift” system consists of a wide range of hoisting units and rail / track components. Using these unique components, we are able to design a ceiling mounted system which can be adapted to both the user’s individual requirements and the existing environment. From simple “point to point” systems, to “interconnected” rooms, to “room covering” systems, we can access almost any area!

The “Hoist Unit” or “lifter motor” are completely battery operated for safety and reliability with capacities from 300 to 1000 pounds. Our most commonly used lifter has a 450 pound capacity.  The lifting motors are available in manual traverse or power traverse.  The most common systems is the manual traverse, where the hoist motor lifts the patient and the care giver moves the person back and forth along the track.  Power traverse drive units have an extra motor to move the patient back and forth along the track. Self-attaching portable units are also available.  Portable units can be easily detached from the track and moved to a different track in another area

Slings and Lifting Accessories

Patient Transfer Systems Minnesota

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We offer an extensive selection of slings, harnesses and lifting accessories. Specially designed slings make it easy, practical and quick for the caregiver to support the user while being lifted and moved from one point to another, as well as ensuring that the caregiver can undertake these tasks with a minimum of effort and strain.

Our wide range of transfer sling styles and sizes will accommodate virtually any ceiling lift, floor lift or positioning and transfer requirement. And, if our standard selection does not provide a sling solution, we will custom design a sling system to your specifications. Standard and custom slings and harnesses are available to meet the needs of nearly every lifting situation or user.

Our transfer slings are manufactured from durable nylon mesh, polyester fabrics, and quilted padding to provide contoured support, comfort, and safety along with providing exceptional fit and durability. These long-wearing, quick-drying slings contain no metal parts, making them convenient to launder and easy to return to service, without the need to locate mislaid inserts.

Our transfer slings are available in multiple sizing to meet your desired application and comfort with a range of sizes from child to adult XX-Large.