Yes, Permits and Installation by a Licensed Elevator Contractor Is Required!

Minnesota law requires licensing, permits, and inspections of all lift installations (that includes stair lifts) … FOR YOUR SAFETY! This applies to both residential and commercial applications By Law, These products must be installed by a MN licensed Elevator Contractor. While Iowa and Wisconsin do not require permits for residential stair lifts, they do require permits and licensing for other accessibility products.

Why Stair Lifts, Vertical Platform Lifts or Home Elevators should be installed by the professionals…. Safety is the overriding concern.


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A Stair lift or Platform Lift, whether new, used or reconditioned, is an important improvement to your home. Although these products may seem quite simple on the surface, they are still foreign to most handy-men. That goes 10 fold for Home Elevators as they are far more complex than other types of lifts. Safety is our overriding concern. The installation professionals at Premier Lift Products, Inc. know the codes and minute, yet critical, elements to safe installation.

Stair lifts, or stairway elevators as they are called in the elevator codes, and Vertical Platform Lifts are more complex than most people realize. Both these products share many of the same safety concerns and requirements as elevators. Many elderly people have been injured riding stair lifts that have been improperly and unsafely installed.

You should never buy any lift or elevator equipment without installation as part of the deal. It only makes good sense!

We feel if a manufacturer cares about their customer and the customer’s safety, they will REQUIRE installation by a certified and properly licensed installer as a requirement of the sale. If not, then they don’t care about anything but making the sale! So, if they don’t care about their customers, do they really care about making the product safe?


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Don’t be fooled by unscrupulous manufacturers or marketers trying to sell you a product that is illegal for you to install. Furthermore, some of these unscrupulous manufacturers or marketers are selling direct to the consumer products that do not meet the industry or individual state equipment certification standards for safety.  Therefore, reputable, licensed distributors won’t handle their products.

The Accessibility Equipment Manufacturers Association (AEMA) provides the most knowledgeable information on stair lifts and residential elevators. Read why the (AEMA) strongly advises against self-installation of any stair-lift or residential lift or elevator product.

Your safety could be at risk!