Residential or Commercial Dumbwaiters for Light to Heavy Duty

Premier Lift Products, Inc. represents two industry-leading dumbwaiter manufacturers of custom dumbwaiters.  We can install most any style or configuration needed to fit your specific situation.

Standard Features

  • Lift distance up to 50 feet
  • Standard speed 50 feet / minute
  • Counter height loading
  • Three loading configurations – single side, opposite sides, adjacent side
  • Utilizes vertical bi-parting type doors as selected
  • UL listed door locks
  • Architectural grade stainless steel or primed finishes
  • Commercial grade construction throughout
  • Performance proven commercial grade drive system
  • UL approved microprocessor control systems
  • Equipment complies with all National Code requirements
  • Low cost installation
  • Minimum maintenance requirements

Optional Features

  • Manually operated vertical bi-parting slide up, slide down and swing type UL fire rated entrances
  • Security systems
  • Key locks
  • Keypads
  • Custom car sizes are available at no extra charge.

The maximum size of the car for a Light Duty dumbwaiter is 24” wide x 24” deep x 36” tall.
The maximum size of the car for a Medium Duty Dumbwaiter is up to 38″ wide x 38″ deep x 48″ high.
The maximum size of the car for a Heavy Duty Dumbwaiter is up to 60″ wide x 96″ deep x 96″ high.

Contact Premier Lift Products, Inc. for details about how a dumbwaiter can work for your home of business.


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