Power Door Operator for Residential or Commercial Use

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Premier Lift Products, Inc. handles a variety of door operator models for commercial and residential applications. We can add door operators to nearly any swing door for your home, business or church.  We also carry a full range of activation buttons, push-plates, electric strikes and radio frequency transmitters and receivers.

“The GT System 710 & 8710” Low Energy ADA Operators


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The Gyro-Tech Door Operator Systems from Nabco provide a solution to access challenges encountered by those unable to operate manual doors. The system operates in both automatic and manual modes. It has a 2 to 60 second hold-open range and an automatic “recycle” feature to safely stop the door operation, if an obstruction is encountered and a “push ‘n’ go” feature for automatic opening of the door when activated by the pedestrian. In the manual mode, the system closes slowly after a set period of time to enable safe passage.  In addition, by simply starting to swing the door by hand, the “push ‘n’ go” feature will take over and automatically activate the power operator.

The NABCO GT710/8710 Low-Energy Operator is engineered for interior and exterior use, and designed to automate essentially any new or existing door.  It’s versatile design is suitable for both residential and commercial applications and operates in both automatic and manual modes. The low-energy performance and durability, combined with adjustable opening speed, closing speed and power settings makes the NABCO GT710/8710 an ideal choice in ADA compliant door operators.

“Model 2300 Residential Door Opener”

The Power Access 2300 is designed to assist disabled individuals toward independence, or for anyone who finds a closed door a problem.  The compact design of the Power Access 2300 residential door opener allows for easy installation in tight locations and low clearance situations with no door jamb modifications.   The door can easily function in normal manual mode with-out restriction or power assist mode when needed.  This operator is best suited for use on interior doors.

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